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My ingenuity is how I think, my vision, my ability to look at higher perspectives, process information differently or put together in a more effective way. 

Think of your favourite most dynamic music artists voice - thats my mind. 

It allows me to:

  • See untapped potential.
  • Provide fresh perspectives, points of view previously unexplored.
  • Develop new ideas, add a differentiating twist.
  • See new possibilities.
  • Turn a negative into a positive.
  • Amplify or elevate aspects of a business, creative IP and person.
  • Question what does not make sense to me; the white space, the blind spots.
  • Or simply polishing what is already in existence.


My expertise is versatile, adaptable across different industries and sectors. I do not need to have worked in an industry to be able to apply my sensibilities:  


  • strategy
  • creative
  • user experience
  • brand experience


  • people 


I utilise:

  • Expansive knowledge pool
  • Logic
  • Intuition
  • Experience
  • Text Book 
  • Common Sense 

One sentence can change the trajectory of company, brand or, person's life. Why not?


Smart, tenacious. A huge value to any team.

British Global Media Entrepreneur

Julia I wanted to take a moment to say thank you. Your guidance has really helped to develop my skills and grow both personally and professionally. Through our conversations I have learned more ...

MD Multi Million Small Business

I have known Julia for over ten years. I thoroughly recommend her. I first met her when she was working with David and Victoria Beckham. I noticed her efficiency and obvious ease with ...

MD Luxury Brand - London

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