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Julia, partners with senior stakeholders, bringing a fresh perspective that transcends day to day. Her role isn't just about advising; it's a transformative collaboration that can strengthen the strategic landscape and propel leadership decision making.

My mind, how I think, process information is what makes me different. Think of your favourite most dynamic and powerful female music artists voice - thats my mind.

Below Examples of Some Very Normal Circumstance Faced by Teams and WHY a Fresh Mind is a No Question Investment:

• Tunnel Vision Mitigation: ingrained perspectives can lead to tunnel vision, limiting a teams vision.

• Innovation Stagnation: over time, internal teams can become comfortable with routine approaches, leading to innovation stagnation.

• Blind Spots: every team/ organization has blind spots—areas where they may be underperforming or missing crucial opportunities.

• Risk of groupthink: internal teams may unknowingly fall into the trap of groupthink, where dissenting opinions are suppressed, and decision-making becomes homogenous.

• Change Resistance: teams can resist change due to a fear of the unknown or a reluctance to deviate from established norms.

• Customer Disconnect: as companies/teams grow, their risk of losing touch with the evolving needs of either customer base and/or vision. 

• Strategic complacency: success can breed complacency, where teams can become too comfortable with existing strategies and perspectives. 


Access Potential: ability to see full potential. Outcome: access, unlock business, and human potential.

Mpowered Decision Making: providing new perspectives, different viewpoints. Outcome: senior stakeholders making more informed, confident decisions in short term, for the long term.

Efficiency, Creativity, Problem Solving: applying strategic sensibilities to problem solving. Outcome: can break new ground, revitalise stagnant processes, inspire action.


Strategy: open up thinking, fresh perspectives, original viewpoints previously unexplored. Outcome: innovative solutions; breakthroughs, polishing existing strategy.

User Experience: identity pain points, what doesn't make sense to me, the white space, polish navigation to elevate user experiences. Outcome: enhanced satisfaction, loyalty among customers, new customers.

Brand Experience: providing insights to improve brand experiences from big picture to small detail. Outcome: enhanced satisfaction, loyalty among customers.

Product Design: fresh eyes to refine products. Not just the look, practicalities, feel too. Outcome: can lead to increased appeal, functionality, customer demand.



Expanded Perspectives: broadening your perspective, ability to view challenges, opportunities from new angles.

Empowerment: I ground confidence. Resulting in clearer thinking. Ability to make more mpowered decisions.

Personal Growth: develop problem solving skills, new insights, knowledge beyond current expertise.

Inspiration and Motivation: Feel more energised, motivated. A renewed passion for work, drive to pursue goals.

Support, Collaboration, Validation: renewed sense of personal worth enhancing leadership skills.

Personal Fulfilment: enhanced.

Professional Legacy: opening up opportunities, driving positive change in so doing leaving a more grounded longer lasting legacy.

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