Content Houses & Creative Agencies

Content Houses & Creative Agencies

Why production companies, content houses, creative agencies invest: 

* tapping into visionary thinking 

* accessing fresh perspectives and innovative thinking 

* identifying angles, storytelling techniques, and creative approaches

* identifying unmet audience needs.

* applying brand principles to elevate, amplify storytelling 

Julia Has Broad Spectrum Career Experience in Media and Entertainment Industry:

  • TV & content [development, production]
  • Music [production [song writing, arrangement].
  • Film [development, pre-production].
  • Podcasts [development, production, host/presenter]
  • A List and New Artist, Athletes: building, monetising careers [theatrical, endorsements, publishing, social brand partnerships, ad campaigns etc], building new businesses.
  • Acting
  • Understanding the interrelation between entertainment industry and fashion, beauty, tech, sports, education, philanthropy etc

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